Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pick up location?

A pick up location is a meeting place, such as a home driveway or parking lot, where we meet you to deliver your order.  The pick up location host has volunteered to allow our farm to deliver to their location.

What/when is an order deadline?

An order deadline is when we cut-off ordering for a pick up location so that we have adequate time to pack your order prior to delivery.  For most pick up locations, the order deadline is at midnight 3 days prior to the pick up/delivery date which is also the Wednesday before the pick up/delivery date.

Can my order be modified before the deadline?

Absolutely, your order can be modified any time before the deadline.  To edit your order, first login to your account and then click the "Edit Order" button.

How long does the delivery driver wait at a pick up location?

For most pick up locations, the delivery driver is scheduled to distribute orders for 1 hour.

What should I bring when picking up my order?

Please have a copy of your order handy – it can be printed or on your phone.  For our handling purposes, we’ll have your order bagged but your items will need to be transferred to your own bag/box/cooler so be sure to bring those.  A cooler is optional but use your best judgement and factor in drive time home to determine if you need a cooler.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes.  For most pick up locations, we charge a flat rate of $5 per order to cover transportation costs.  Check your pick up location for the exact delivery fee.

Do you offer on-farm pick up?

Yes.  If you specify on-farm pick up on your order, then we will contact you to schedule a pick up date/time.  There is no delivery fee charged for on-farm pick up.

Do you offer a referral program?

Yes.  We will credit your account $10 toward future purchases once a customer you refer places their first order.  In order to get credit for a referral, you'll need to share the referral link found on the "Referral" tab of your account profile.  If you need assistance locating or sharing the referral link then please contact us.